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If there is one thing that Miami prides itself on is the beautiful mix of cultures that reside within the city limits. It’s a place where Latinos have made their very colorful mark on society. The language, traditions and family-like atmosphere can be seen from Miami Beach all the way to Calle Ocho.  

One of the strongest Latin influences the city has to share is its cuisine. Delicious Latin American dishes and distinct ingredients that keep the culture alive can be found on every street corner. Many of these restaurants take the natural spices from their home countries and give it back to the people of Miami with a special twist. It’s particularly special for students coming to Miami to study because it gives them unique flavors to try for affordable prices.  



This is a traditional Argentinian restaurant that has been serving up juicy, flame-grilled steaks since 1962 when Mario and Maria Graziano first came to America. It has become a renowned franchise here in South Florida with locations approximately 20 minutes away from Barry University by car. The two closest locations are in Hialeah and Coral Gables. They offer a place to eat traditional Argentinian dishes such as steak, empanadas and alfajores pastries. A few of their locations even have adjoining markets that promote Argentinian ingredients, meat cuts and an extensive wine selection. So, whether you’re in the mood to eat out or just want to pick up some supplies before inviting friends over for an asado, then Graziano’s is definitely an option to keep in mind.  


Vicky´s Bakery 

You can’t drive through any part of Miami without seeing a Vicky´s Bakery sign. This original Miami treasure started in Hialeah in 1972 and has more than 20 locations all over the city. The closest locations are in Hialeah and in North Miami Beach. Both of them are within 15 minutes from Barry University. The magic behind these delicious pastries, pastelitos, and café Cubanos is they were handed down from first generation Cuban immigrants who strive to keep their traditional foods alive. These sweet treats are perfect for on-the-go moments or to share with a group. An all-night study session is hardly complete without un café Cubano to keep you going.  

La Granja  

La Granja is not only a classic Miami restaurant, but also a staple across the state of Florida. This Peruvian restaurant was actually first established in Aruba in 1993, and it wasn’t until a few years later that the first Miami La Granja location was opened. This restaurant has been such a huge success that in 2007 they opened their business to franchise opportunities. They offer really great portion sizes of the most popular Peruvian dishes, such as ceviche and lomo salteado for really great pricing options. Whenever the craving hits for a warm and filling plate, La Granja is always one to keep in mind. You can find the closest one on 36th Street. It shouldn’t be more than a 10-minute drive from campus. So, whenever the craving hits for a warm and filling plate, La Granja is always one to keep in mind. 


This is a Venezuelan restaurant that has made waves in the Latin culinary industry in the last few years. What started out as a hot dog stand in 2010 in Coral Gables has transformed into a very popular restaurant. The Venezuelan community is unsurprisingly large in Miami,  and many Venezuelans are constantly looking for a place that serves arepas and cachapas like they do in their country. Fortunately, for them, Doggis is known for having some of the most authentic Venezuelan recipes. There are four locations in Miami, the nearest one to Barry University is on Biscayne Boulevard. Recently, it is becoming even more popular among the younger citizens of Miami with their participation in local foodie events such as the Hungry Post Blurry Brunches and South Beach Wine and Food Festival. And if you ever find yourself in Wynwood on a night out, they even have a food truck parked on Northwest Second Avenue that you can check out with your friends! 


Texas de Brazil 

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with splurging a little on a fancy dinner and there are restaurants that promise to give you what your money is worth. Texas de Brazil is one of those places where your time spent there is worth every cent. Texas de Brazil opened their first restaurant in Texas because of the rancher lifestyle that is similar to the Brazilian ranchos. That connection led the founders to set up shop and bring their “parade of meats” to the U.S. Their success shot their brand to different areas in the country, which include Miami. The pricing is a bit higher, but the continuous procession of meats and side dishes is definitely worth it. There are nine locations spread around Florida, but there are two locations relatively close to campus. Head over to Alton Road to enjoy the food and maybe walk around the popular shopping area on a day away from your studies. 


Eating in Miami is an amazing experience. There are tons of options to choose from and it’s not a requirement to break into your piggy banks to enjoy it. The cultural scene in the city is truly unique. Immersing yourself in the Latino environment during your time studying in Miami is a must. These are just a few restaurants that promise authenticity and great food quality. So, go out and take advantage of all this city has to offer. Buen provecho!